Why Buy A Car From Us?

  • We source our cars from a group of main-dealers, offering you their part exchanges, usually being one or two owner, extremely well looked after cars with full service histories
  • We never purchase any of our vehicles from auctions or 'damaged and repaired' sites.
  • All our vehicles are HPI Checked and Clear with the certificate available upon request.
  • We provide a thorough PDI (pre delivery inspection) check to all our cars prior to sale.
  • All our vehicles are provided with a Long MOT, or we will be happy to provide a new one if it is too short.
  • All our Vehicles will have had a recent service, or we will be happy to conduct one.
  • We provide the option to purchase an extended warranty with all our pre-approved cars.

Our Customer Charter Explained:

We only source our cars from a group of main dealers:


All our cars are purchased via trustworthy sources. We never buy cars from damaged and repair sites or auctions where you dont know what your buying. 

Every vehicle will be HPI & Mileage Verification checked, with a certificate available upon request:


All our cars will have a title, provenance and mileage verification check and a certificate will always be provided upon request with no additional charge.

All our vehicles will receive a thorough inspection prior to sale:


We conduct an intensive 'Pre-Delivery Inspection' to every vehicle as soon as they arrive in stock. Our team perform an approximately 135 multi-point check.

All our cars will receive a service if they have not had one for over 12 months or 10,000 miles:


Any of our vehicles that have not had a service for over 12 months or 10,000 miles receive one, which can range from a minor to a major service depending on what is required.

All vehicles will be supplied with a new MOT, if the current MOT is valid for less than 5 months:


As standard, all our vehicles will have an MOT carried out if its current expiry date is within 5 months. We are also happy to cater for a new MOT if the expiry date is slightly over 5 months.

Tyres will have a minimum of 3mm tread:


On all of our cars the tyres are inspected for the correct pressure, tread-level and slow punctures. Should the tread be under 3mm or an untreatable puncture be present, we will replace the tyre. We also always check the spare.  

Brakes will be no more than 50% worn:


We always check front and rear brake pads for wear and will replace any which are over 50% worn. We also check the integrity of the brake discs which the same attitude.

Exhaust systems will also be warranted for 3 months against failure:


During the 3 month warranty period we also cover the exhaust sytem in full against failure.

Major mechanical components will be covered by our warranty for 3 months:


All 'major mechanical' components in the engine and gearbox are fully covered under our warranty for 3 months covering parts and labour. 

During the warranty period should any issues occur we offer free of charge diagnosis once the car has been brought in to us:


In the unlikely event any issues occur in the first 3 months, we offer free of charge diagnosis. The car must be brought to us to deem if the faults are covered by the warranty.

Batteries will be warranted against failure for 3 months:


Should the battery fail in the first 3 months we offer free of charge diagnosis and replacement once a test by our team of mechanics has been completed. If the battery will not hold a charge we will replace it.

All our cars are pre-approved for the option of an extended warranty for up 36 months:


The extended warranties we offer contain no excess charge per claim and no limit on the amount of claims. You can chose the length of cover, the level of cover and the maximum payout per claim.

As 'Credit Consumer License' Holders (CCL) We offer competitive finance packages on most of our cars:


We offer competitive finance packages via our partners and we also welcome pre-arranged finance or personal loans if you already have plans in place.

All our cars will be eligible for future service package discounts:


We always offer our customers reduced rates on all our products and services; ranging from an annual MOT and service to cosmetical repair to the vehicles body and interior.

Whilst major mechanical components are covered, wear and tear items are excluded:


Whilst the major mechanical components are covered, serviceable and electrical items are excluded. The extended warranty however does cover a large amount of these items.

Use in any motor sport event will void any cover. Our PX to clear range is not covered by this charter:


Our 'Part Exchange To Clear' range of cars is not covered by the charter and are sold at a competitive rate usually with a lower form of cover. These cars are usually under £3000 or over 80,000 miles.